Dagon Dragonskinner

"I coulda been lunch!"


Dagon Dragonskinner comes from a proud lineage of other Dragonskinners. The youngest scion of his clan, he followed Coppernight on his mining expedition, hoping to earn a name in his own right dealing with the leather used in various sundry purposes in mining. He wasn’t expecting to see his first dragon! When the young dragoness attacked Coppernight’s Hold with her mysterious benefactor, he was awed by the scales and leather he’d only ever seen in his family’s secret technique books and his own imagination. A leather so tough that a direct axe blow could just be shrugged off and magical effects could be nullified.

Dragonskinner had had the honour of duelling the dragon in her assault on Coppernight’s Hold. While he faught against the youngling valiantly he was unprepared for her battle prowess and fell to her furious blows. Thinking his beard would be trimmed for sure, Dagon gave a silent prayer to Moradin before darkness enveloped his world. He awoke to find himself prisoner and soon-on-the-lunch-menu inside a makeshift cage in Coppernight’s office. He prayed fervently to Moradin and any god who cared that the life of himself and his lord Coppernight would be spared somehow from the cold embrace of death.

Dagon Dragonskinner

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