Roland's Tutorian Campaign

Session Three

More Kobold sandwich meat for Socks

We are faced with the agonising decision to take an extended rest or not. We decide not to allow the kobolds time to regroup or make any more forts out of bar furniture.

We retcon last sessions intended extended rest period.

Lyantra loots some erotic playing cards from the illegal kobold gambling ring.

Everyone cleans the splattered blood of their equipment. Lyantra and Maravein do a jazz routine. Everyone uses some healing surges so as not to be near death.

Lyantra notices it is dark and following her mothers advice about things that hide in the dark, she takes an everburning torch from her backpack.

Brenton attempts a female voice and fails miserably.

The party has a discussion about if to take an extended rest or not. Maravein summons some spirits to ask about kobolds.

Maravein suddenly feels cold inside and a chill wind blows past. He interprets this as some information about kobolds serventile nature. These particular kobolds seem to be in service to a white dragon.

Lyantra, Maravein and Ana pay Roland out about his fail vault checks.

Ana and Roland have a conversation in broken common because they both have an int score of 8.

The whole party agrees that Roland should not vault things.

As we follow Roland the tard down the passage way, it gets colder and we hear kobolds running away from us. Probably because of the last lot that we turned into kitty lunch meat.

We come to a large iron gate. Roland observes that they have iron. Ana holds up her mace “I also have iron!” she yells and goes to smash the gate.

Lyantra stops her, makes a comment about stupid barbarians, suddenly realises the consequences of said comment, and immediately recants.

Ana raises her eyebrow at Lyantra, believes her bluffing, and then does some squats with her mace resting across her shoulders.

Lyantra flirts with Roland, and asks him to pick the lock. Roland does this while Joey makes and long speech in a Bastian accent.

Ana asks if she can smash the door already…and she gets a no, but she can smash anything inside into lunch meat for socks.

Roland and Ana kick down the door. Roland throws a sunrod into the room. We find a crapton of kobolds.

“All the more meat for my cat!” Ana yells.

Kim attempts to read the read-aloud text in a a hissy voice and fails miserably. Brenton Decides this is the result of the many echos in the stone room. This sounds like a perfectly reasonably excuse.

We see a baby white dragon on a dwarvan Ikea throne, reflected in a convenient;ly located DM boss mode mirror.

Many kobolds are also milling around doing their taxes and swapping recipes.

We request a surprise round because the read-aloud text fails so hardcore.

Roland charges into the fray, screaming bloody glory and attempt to smash kobolds into bits.

Lyantra runs in and throws some chaos bolts around. The kobold she aimed at dodges and pushes his friend into the way instead. Kobold no. 2 dies.

Ana charges in but her howling strike bounces ineffecively off kobold armor.

Kobolds surround Ana on all sides, then 3 more arrive back from their baking and join the battle.

Maravein and Lyantra look at each other and sigh at the barbarians stupidity. they have a lot of work ahead of them.

Ana takes a lot of crap and is left with just 2 hit points.

The nasty-ass baby white dragon attempts to breath on the party. But fails.

Roland moves around the pillar to assist Ana. One kobold bites the dust. Ana also moves two squares away from the crap she had gotton herself into.

Lyantra throws some chaos bolts around. This kobold also diverts the damage to his comrade.

Ana spends her action point to save her own ass.

The baby white dragon attempts to slash at Roland. It fails. Kobolds make a whirlwind attack again Lyantra and cut some of her hair.

Fluffy lols at kobolds attempts to attack it.

Maravein uses her daily, Wrath of the Spirit World, hitting the baby white dragon and 2 kobolds. Both kobolds die.

Ana flies into a rage, rolfstomping kobold no 1. She then spends an action point and crits, roflmao stomping no. 2.

Roland takes a swing at the baby white dragon with a bonus of like a million.

The dragon attempts to use its breath weapon again and rolls two 1s and a 2. It then decides to make a run for it.

Maravein takes a shot at the dragon but misses. Roland surstrikes, and actually does some damage for once.

Ana runs to prevent cowardly dragon from getting away. While still in a rage, she uses devastating strike. Dragon dies. It can now be chopped up into and used as ham.

Socks is also fond of dragon. Ana uses her skinning knife to cut some dragon up for socks, who has suddenly appeared at the prospect of food.

We find some dwarves in a cage in the corner. Ana finds a mordincrad and uses it to crit the lock on the cage.

The dwarves get out and give Ana the mordincad. His friend is known as Dragonskinner. He is our reward for not taking an extended rest.

He makes some +1 magic armor for Maravein.

Ana takes the meat for socks, Dragonskinner makes her a sack for it out of kobold skin.

Copperknight tells us about the attack on the hold. And the treasure located behind the ornate stone doors at the other end of the room.

The party invites Copperknight to join the adventure and Ana reluctantly gives him back the mordincrad. She then takes her maul and sits in the front of the doors so that noone can smash it while she is sleeping.

Socks pigs out of kobold while Ana snores.

After an extended rest the party decides to move on into the treasure vault. Ana attempts to smash the door with her maul. Not much happens.

Ana and Roland brace themselves and attempt to push open the door. It groans open, revealing a dozen pairs of glowing red eyes and one ball of energy coming their way…


J – Awesome chronicle K, really easy to read :) I think session highlights this time for Roland were:
a) getting to pick a fricken lock for a change! OMG Roland PASSES a skill check?! First time?!
b) Saving Ana’s ass and acting like a defender against Baby white, noob can’t hit my 18 or 19 AC or whatever :)

As DM (Monsters) big moments were
a) Laying the SMACK onto the more than slightly PMSing barbarian.
b) Pronouncing “Dagon Dragonskinner” three times in a row without stuttering
c) Doing dwarvish accents! Yay dwarves!
d) Party deciding to go the tough route and getting one… more… encounter…

Owning play of the night for me goes either to Maravein’s EVERYTHING DIES AND GETS KNOCKED PRONE LOL daily or Ana’s RAWRWRARARWRGHHHHGHGH comeback against the kobolds, pulverizing two non minions into jam in a single turn using an action point doing a ridiculous… 40+ damage? I lost track.

Session Three

Did you correct my spelling? it did need doing… I was just too lazy.

I also noticed that you bolded the part where the barbarian got owned for once…

Session Three

J – Those were B’s edits

Session Three

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